Tuesday, December 04, 2018

pretty girls

 I wanted a picture of the girls together for our Christmas card, so after school one day, I told them to put their matching coats on and I bribed them with a treat to take a few photos. Like always, they moaned at first then had fun with it! I love how they turned out.

walking in sync back home. funny girls

Lexi's Baptism!

What a special day baptisms are!! I LOVE children's baptisms. So simple and sweet. 
Lexi was SOOOO EXCITED for this day! She talked about it with everyone! Her piano teacher even told me that they had to talk about it every lesson for the month leading up to it, she was just so excited for it. This girl was ready!

it began with food prep!! We had a meal afterwards of mashed potatoes, roast beef, raw veggies and cupcakes. 
 So many pototoes!!

I made the program and I was seriously so happy with how it turned out.

Lexi's best friends, Penny and Keira (and Penny's little sister). Penny is not a member but came, which was really nice.

Keira and Lexi....bff's since 2 and 3 years old!

Papa and Great Grandpa!

Jordana and I were matching! so fun!

I can't even describe the feeling when my child walks out of the font towards me. It was such a special moment with Kennedy and I was really looking forward to another amazing moment with Lexi. And it did not disappoint. I was crying and Lexi was just beaming!!! She looked so happy. Its so special. I love being there to be the first to hug them and help them dress into their special dress. Lexi chose to wear the same dress that Kennedy wore, which made me very happy. She looked beautiful. It was such a lovely day.