Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Banff Weekend!!

I just love Banff. My parents joined us for a weekend in Banff to watch our kids while we skied and hang out with us too. It was such a fun time! We left here Friday morning and got to Banff for lunch. Then walked Downtown in some cool stores (and of course the candy store!) Then we went to the hotel for swimming! {Funny story: Jason called us and asked what we were up to, and when we told him we were in Banff, he's like, are you staying in Canmore at the Grand Rockies? He was too!! He went to check in and said Livingstone, and they say, Jason or Brian!- so we swam with them.}
We ordered pizza and watched some tv, then tucked in the girls. 
Saturday, Brian and I went to Lake Louise and had an amazing time skiing while Nana and Papa took the girls to Norquay for tubing! First though, they swam in the pool at the hotel before checking out. We met after to go to the Hot Springs and then out for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory! It was a long wait but luckily its in the mall (I had no idea Banff had a mall) and we looked at Indigo Books and the girls played on the escalators and Brian sat in the comfy chairs playing his phone and the time flew by! It was perfect!

Thanks for coming, Nana & Papa! It was such a fun weekend!

January in a nut shell...

January was a good month!  

We got lots of pretty snow and even though the temps were -27, Kennedy and I went skiing anyway! I honestly don't know how we didn't freeze to death, there was NO WIND on the hill, and we were bundled good! We had a very fun time skiing, even if we did have to hike for 20 minutes from the top of one chairlift to the other because the chair we took only had a BLACK going down. Kennedy looked down at it and cried. So we hiked. It was brutal. But I was so upbeat and positive and encouraging- I was practically a Disney character! And we did it! then stuck to the green and blues we knew! (Since then, Kennedy went back with dad and was able to do that black!! So proud of her, I think it was just a bit early in the season and she was nervous. she gets braver with Daddy)

Kennedy had skating at school.

Kennedy is trying to get better at hair. She is doing braids in her own hair and attempting buns (and getting very frustrated). Here's a day she did Lexi's hair. Lexi was really happy.

A cute and comfy outfit--perfect pick me up to get going on my day!

After lots of research and debating, we bought a Blendtec! We used the gift card from my parents for Christmas towards it and shelled out the rest! (So pricey!) but I LOVE it already!
 Brian and I went on a fun date night. We tried a new place that was Southern BBQ & Crab Shack. not so great food, but really fun atmosphere!!

Lexi and I went shopping and she picked out these bright pink jeans. She normally hates jeans and has refused to wear them since she was 2, but she loves these!!

Jordana and I sent our kids to school (and she had someone watching her little ones) and we went SKIING! we felt a bit guilty for having such a fun day in the middle of the week, but we got over it and had a blast!! We missed Averley! :(

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Brian and I did a New Year's Trip again. Its just so much easier since he already has that week off at work, and the kids have no school. It works out so much better that he doesn't have to take another week off. We had the BEST time. We seriously LOVE Jamaica! The country is beautiful, they speak English and the food is delicious! We stayed in Ocho Rios, at the Jewel Paradise Cove. December 28, 2015 - January 4, 2016

one of 3 pools (the one we were at the most is the one by the Ocean, and the Beach Grill.)

The down side to the resort was the lack of beach. Brian and I love to walk the beach everyday. And we only had a tiny cove. Instead, there was this boardwalk which was beautiful and so fun to watch the waves splash up, but just not quite the same as walking the long stretch of beautiful sandy beaches. Negril has the famous 7 mile beaches, but no excersions. We had lots to do, but not the beaches. Its a trade off, and I'm so glad we did Ocho Rios so we could do the fun tours!

We ate jerk chicken everyday at the ocean grill. So gorgeous!

I have no pictures of these waterfalls-- but this is from the Dunn's River Falls. Its the #1 tourist spot in Jamaica. Its a HUGE waterfall that you climb UP. It empties into the ocean. you can play in the waterfalls, climb them and also have the ocean to go play at. Local hot spot, and tourist trap. It was pretty and very neat, but I'm glad we went here first. We would've been disappointed to go here after the waterfalls we saw later...but still very cool and a must do in Jamaica.

Happy New Year!

Biking at Blue Mountain - the famous coffee mountain. It was so beautiful! Its crazy how people live up in these mountains and live only off the land! They walk down every single day to the "town" thats about half way up. They eat what they grow, and hardly ever go to the city!

At the end was a beautiful waterfall. I think that was my favourite part of Jamaica - all the waterfalls!!

Then we went to the Blue Hole. Its not a registered "tour", more of a local spot and not as commercialized as the other tours. Which means it was WAY less busy!!!! We hired a taxi driver by talking to a worker at the hotel. He came with us for the day, and we had our own guide at the Blue Hole, with just the 2 of us!! He took us climbing in the neatest places. We even got to go in a cave BEHIND the waterfall!! It was amazing.

Swinging like Tarzan!! so FUN!

the ones with the brightest blue water is the actual Blue Hole. The water gets the color from the limestone rocks.

then our taxi driver took us to Scotchies. Apparrently you haven't had Jerk Chicken until you've had it there and since we LOVED it at our resort, we knew we had to try it! It was FANTASTIC!! We had it with their traditional sides - "rice and peas" (which is actually a bean, they just call it peas. Its red like a kidney bean but softer and a bit sweeter.) and a festival (kind of like a fried bread dough) both were insanely good! We loved it! Brian liked watching them cook the chicken. They BBQ it with tree branches and metal. It takes 3 hours.

the other downside to the resort (the first being the beach) was the lack of nightlife. Brian and I love to go dancing every night and no one was ever at the disco! We did go to the piano bar a couple times and I sang Karaoke, but that was it for the evening entertainment. No shows, no dancing :(
But we would totally go back to Jamaica! LOVED it!! and I just love spending a whole week away from the cold, schedules, kids, making beds, cooking, work and cleaning not to mention having Brian to myself for a whole week! Other things we did - played tennis, lots of ping pong, went paddle boarding, snorkeling, went on the waterslides at the hotel (with a bunch of couples we became friends with!), played beach volleyball, pool volleyball, ate lots, slept lots, read lots, went for walks, sat in the hot tub talking with new people (once in the pouring rain for an hour!) and enjoyed the hot sun.  Fabulous trip.