Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Well, you know you're having fun when its been 2 months since you've blogged!! Our summer was SO FUN!! 

Here is July, mostly in pictures because I can't remember what I did last week, never mind, 2 months ago!

School ended, and the very next day, we met Auntie Becky and the boys at the lake!! Oh, how we've waited all winter for the lake!! 

 Canada Day! Traditional parade in Fort Sask, then BBQ at Cory and Kristi's.
Then off to Jackie Parker Park to see my family and have another bbq!

 Then the fireworks that night...it was supposed to rain all day and it held off for so long, just not quite long enough! It began about 5 minutes before the fireworks! Luckily, just lightly so they still went on, then as we walked back to the vehicles it poured!! Lexi and the Jaden were in the stroller covered up and they slept the whole way back while we walked. Cohen and Ethan were camping with their Grandma.

July 2, was our 11 year anniversary! We took the kids to Launch pad - a trampoline park and had tons of fun! We were all a sweaty mess when we left there, haha!! We got some lunch then met my mom at the movie theatre to see Finding Dory! then Nana took the kids and we went to get ready for our double date with Becky and Ernesto.

11 years for us, 8 for them! A double anniversary date!!

Then for July, we had tons of rain. Seriously so much rain. not cool.

Becky and I had a fun week planned though! It started Tuesday in Edmonton at NEWSIES!!!!! (We took the kids and Grandpa to dinner first while mom and dad were getting ready to head to treck.)

The show was AMAZING!!! I would go every single year!

Then she came back to Olds with me the next day, dropped my kids off at home with a babysitter and we had a girls shopping day in Calgary. Then headed to Zac Brown Band!!! It was a good show, but not so great seats. We were on the floor at the back, which we found out, its not great to be on the floor! :( Even standing up, you can't see!!! So that was a bit sad. But we looked for tickets to his concert for so long and these were the only seats we could find available!

 When we came out (it was Calgary Stampede), we walked around for a bit, got mini donuts and lemonade. I saw a giant life size version of roulette that we stopped to watch for a few minutes and thought what the heck, I have a $5 bill in my pocket. So I put it on black and won- doubled my money and walked away! haha!  And the fireworks started!! yay, then we left and drove home to my house (got back at 1am!) and I left at 7am for the Livingstone family reunion that Brian and the girls had already left for earlier that night.

Then this kid had to go and disobey me by having a birthday!! I can't believe she's 9!

L to R: Carmen, Kennedy, Jade, Jayna, Kendra

Since Robyn brought Jade (and the boys) for the party, she spent the night and the next day we headed to the lake.

Celebrating July birthdays in Edmonton, 2 weekends later.

This handsome guy had a birthday too! And I made him an awesome cake for the person who hates cake!

Brian has been working crazy hard on his putting green! Its 95% done, hooray!!! looking so good!

and that was our July in a nutshell!! It was a fun month, even with all the rain!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Spring part 2/beginning of summer

A Saturday at the zoo...always a good time! We spent the day at the Calgary zoo, then went to Olive Garden for dinner. a lovely and tiring day!

 baby gorilla!

Kennedy has been growing faster than a weed so we stopped at Cross Iron on our way to buy her a few things. She owns one dress that is to her knees and one pair of pajamas so that's what we were looking for. we bought her this super cute dress that I wish came in my size. 

 more progress on the putting green....brian put in a rock bed and lots of plants

after school bowling with the girls!

I have been asking brian for MONTHS to clean the garage with me but he's too dang busy (translation: he doesn't care about cleanign the garage!) so i did it myself!
I didn't do a before, it was disgusting!

the day after school is out, where are we? the lake, of course!

We went to Edmonton for Canada Day... parade and BBQ in Fort Sask, then over to Jackie Parker park with my family. It started to drizzle on us at the fireworks, but luckily not enough to cancel the fireworks!

there's now food trucks at the fireworks spot and everyone knows Brian can NOT resist poutine, even if he's full, so here's my Cute Canadian with his favourite Canadian food!
  snuggles for fireworks!

 The next day was our anniversary. We took the girls to Launch Pad -a trampoline place, then to Finding Dory. Then my mom babysat the girls and Jaden (the big boys had gone camping with Gary and Vedilia) while we went on a double date!

8 years for Becky and Ernesto, and 11 years for us!