Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June in a nutshell

Ok…starting with a bit of May...

We had a couple of date nights. We try to go out once a week. This picture was from a Dinner Theatre Brian surprised me with for Mother's Day.

We had the CF walk for Lexi. My family raised over $2000 and the Red Deer group was over $22,000!

 We had a ward Temple trip and since I'm in the presidency, we were in charge of all the kids. It turned out so well! We had them for 3 hours. We did crafts, played games, relays, ate snacks, walked around the temple and sang primary songs on the temple grounds. We had nearly 30 kids!

I planted the garden at Brian's office and I am really quite impressed with myself! This is my first garden I've ever planted! Its rained a ton since planting it and its still looking great!

I think having moving in a few months in my brain started me thinking about organizing.
I got Kennedy's school stuff organized. Every year is in a folder in an Ikea box.

And long overdue was organizing the filing system. Actually more like CREATING a filing system. This was actually so fun to do. Taxes, important warranties, marriage certificate, gymnastics badges etc are all in a neat folder! love this so much!

The girls were at my mom's for the day so I cleaned Kennedy's closet. That girl collects EVERYTHING so it was so nice to de-junk it.

We've been crazy busy with the house! We've picked doors, siding, flooring, faucets, electric, the fireplace, granite, bought a couch and so much more! Its been going very well and Brian and I agree with almost everything so its pretty unstressful but its busy and time consuming! Flooring has been our hardest decision so far hands down. My friend Jordana came to see it, as have other friends and some family thats been in town. We don't get tired of going to see the progress!

Kennedy had a field trip at the Calgary Zoo. My wonderful mom took Lexi so I could go with her! It was a fun day just us girls, then we ate at Boston Pizza after and did some shopping. Brian was in Canmore for his work convention so it was just us for 2 sleeps before Lexi came home!

Sports day at school and a bike parade. I didn't know about the parade until 2 min before school started. Then Kennedy was crying because her bike wasn't decorated and I wanted to be like - too bad! you didn't tell me sooner, it was your responsibility to tell me and this is a lesson learnt! BUT…i felt bad, so she went into school and I went home to get stuff and I came back to decorate her bike. Then the little stinker didn't like my teddy bear and took it off and the balloons in the back popped. So much for being a nice mom!

Two days in a row I found Lexi sleeping somewhere. I guess the poor girl is pooped out!

June has been super busy and I'm really looking forward to school ending, summer holidays, BBQ's, family get togethers, late nights, long days, beach days, spray parks, popsicles and sunshine.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

house progress



matchy matchy

love these cute girls!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Monday, June 02, 2014

it was time.

It was bittersweet to buy a new car. We have been married nearly 9 years and we've only ever owned one vehicle at a time. It was time to get a second because Brian needs the vehicle more and more these days for work (and play). Sometimes I was stranded and sometimes he was out of luck. We've made it work for a long time which has been awesome to save so much money on gas and insurance.  But now, its super exciting that we can both get to where we want/need! Brian has a Denturist Convention this month and he will be gone for 4 days. It would have been miserable to be completely stranded for 4 days! Its a 2014 Toyota Corolla that is amazing on gas, so it will also become our run around vehicle for going into Red Deer and Calgary as much as we do! 3x better on gas than the van!

I call it a necessary evil ;)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mother's Day

Lexi and Kennedy- I am so glad I get to be your mom! I love you both so very very much!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Music Class

This year, Lexi has been in a parent and tot music class. The teacher has been teaching music for over 25 years and she is fabulous!! Lexi LOVED this class. They got to play drums, zylaphones, symbols, triangles, bongo drums, guitar, and a few others too! There were 5 other kids in her class. Lexi loves music and singing and dancing and she's improved her up and down ability....like when you sing high and low, she is good at copying those sounds. She is already registered for next year as well, and she will be on her own. I'm kinda excited for an hour alone every week! :)
I was so thrilled with this class. Mrs. Lipski is awesome! Each class was totally different. Lots of songs were repeated, but the kids never got bored because she was always switching things up and making them move and dance a lot. They got a certificate and a sucker on the the last day. 

Lexi loved the ribbon the best! Those little kids did way better than I expected!

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Easter this year was in Edmonton with the Hodder's. We had a lovely time! I still don't have a picture of the girls in their dresses! I need to get on that! Brian and the girls picked really cute dresses together on their Easter Shopping Day (LOVE that tradition for them!)

Its for real.

The day is finally here! Brian and I are building a house!!!! This is the first house we have ever owned and we are so thrilled to not only own a house, but to have it built and pick everything we want! I can't believe my dream is happening! We looked at so many houses to buy and just couldn't find one that felt like home and was what we were looking for. This will be our Forever house. We have no plans to leave this house for a very very long time!! It will be where we raise our family, have teenagers, our own yard and a garden and so much more! I'm just a tad excited :)

And on Thursday of this week, May 8th they started digging!!!!

Lots more pictures to come as it progresses!