Friday, December 19, 2014

Family Pictures September 2014

Taken by Ivyelle Photography in Edmonton.
SOOOO in love with these photos!!

What's happened?? does so much time pass and you really have no idea what you did in that time?!

I looked through the past month or two in pictures to see what we've been up to, but I did not have many pictures!! It seems I've been slacking in the blog and picture taking department!

So..... We've been getting ready for Christmas. We are having some of Brian's family here. Yes, thats right. We are staying HOME!!! Its our first year ever staying home for christmas and I am so excited! I love being with family, but I've always wanted to stay home! Now, we are, in our first ever pretty new house! yay!

December is filled with "wrap-ups". Like gymnastics, music, skating all end and each of them have a parent watch day/night. Kennedy's school doesn't have Christmas concerts for the school- just certain programs for choir or the Gr. 1 classes, So thats kinda sad we didn't get to see her all dressed up singing this year. But mostly, the beginning of my whole month was consumed by the Nativity Pageant. I was on the committee to run it and that was busy. Dress rehearsals, making oodles of cookies, making calls, setting things up. It all went great. I think it was an awesome nativity. The girl in charge is amazing.

Brian's been swamped at work. He hired a lab helper (YAY, FINALLY!) so thats been awesome, but this week leading up to Christmas he worked late every single night to get everyones dentures ready for Christmas Dinner!!

Its honestly just sad how few pictures I've taken! Gotta work on that!!

We made some Christmas crafts, and we love opening a christmas book everyday to read.

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Monks

My Grandma passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 28, 2014. The funeral was the following Monday. Even though its really hard to say goodbye, I know she will live again and we will see her one day. It was a hard few days and it will continue to be very rough for my family, especially my mom and her brothers and my grandpa.

It was wonderful to see all my family, I love when Uncle Brent and Aunty Mandy and Makenna come from Ontario. I loved going to visit my Grandparents in Ontario. We went every year as a kid. Its a long way to go, but I'm happy my mom made it a priority. My poor grandpa now has to face life without his sweetheart of 56 years. That is VERY hard to see.

I'm very grateful for such a loving family that can lean on each other.  I adore them!! xoxo


 Kiera and Lexi - best buds!!!

 Kennedy was a fairy and Lexi was a unicorn! They picked their own costumes at Value Village. I had so much fun dressing up this year!!

Lexi had a birthday, shout Hooray!!!

Our baby girl turned 4!! Wowzers! What a sweet, caring, spunky, stubborn, silly girl she is! She REALLY wanted to go to Calaway Park for her birthday but we thought the weather was not going to cooperate. We had a backup plan to go swimming, but on our way to Calgary to the big pool, the sun came out and we decided to change plans back to Calaway! We were a bit chilly cause we didn't pack sweaters and warm shoes, but the kids had a BLAST! Aunt Devonee brought the kids, Lexi was thrilled to have cousins to play with! Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner, and we ate cupcakes in the parking lot while we waited the LONG wait for our table!! haha, kinda red-neck but who cares?! :) The next day I took some better pictures at home, and it was also Thanksgiving. We are VERY thankful for Lexi, our little Thanksgiving baby! Love you sweetie!!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Grade 2!

Loves: playing with her sister, friends, swimming, any sport or activity, playing Starfall online, barbies.
Wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up.
Sweet, kind, happy, easy going girl.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer Recap Part 3

For the past few years, our family has been finding a cabin at a lake and we go for a week. Or however long people can get away. We have a really great time. One of my favourite things in the world is boating, so thats always a big plus!

my awesome parents!!
 All of us!

Out takes...

Brian was trying to lose a ski here, which is why he looks wobbly. He did accomplish it, but it wasn't the most graceful!!! Super funny to watch. 

We are SOOO proud of Lexi!! She was super brave to try out the knee board. I layed behind her holding on and I kept asking her if I could let go (she said NO). After a few minutes, my arms were giving out from more than half my body hanging in the water so I had to let go. and she was so happy! She immediately looked behind me with a big smile and then got really worried about me in floating in the water alone. She yelled at Papa in the boat to go get mommy.
After that, she wanted to go on her own!! Way to go Lexi!!
 big happy grin!!

 Nana had to bribe Kennedy to jump in the lake! She didn't want to go in at all! It was too cold for her! Silly girl. But she cannon balled in for her $5! haha!
 Papa helping Kennedy - water was still too cold!

Now lots of pictures....

Uncle Andrew made races and relays for the kids and of course gave them the annual horsey ride!

  We went to the Kraay Family Farm/Lacombe Corn Maze. It was lots of fun there! Yes, we got very lost in the corn maze and some of us may have panicked just a bit

 the many faces of Brian...
yes girls, your dad is crazy! :)

and then the summer sadly came to an end :(
I LOVE summer.
We had a great one and made lots of great memories. Family and friends make it all worth it!
Until next year...