Monday, April 27, 2015

Instagram Frame

I asked Brian to build me a frame for my instagram photos and I am in LOVE with how it turned out! I love everyday photos and this displays so many in such a cute way! We drilled tiny holes and hung wire from the hooks and just clipped on the pics. easy and cute!


So first off, we have our traditional Easter dresses that the girls go shopping for with Daddy. That is seriously my fave tradition that we do! 

Then we went to Stirling for Easter. LaVerle, Kaylani, Devonee and myself went down to Great Falls for the day. We had a great time, I love those ladies!! And the 3 of us bought matching bling hats!

And the "Easter Bunny" came....although some 7 year old may have walked in on me filling Mom did the hunt. But luckily the real Easter Bunny left a treat and a book waiting for us at our house!!

And I had to fight off some kids, but I managed to hold baby Emma for a while! I love this girl! she is such a happy baby! (and she could easily be mine, she looks like Lexi did)

It was a fabulous weekend.

Gymnastics Competition!

Kennedy had her first Gymnastics competition! She was so excited! This is her 3rd year of it and she loves it! She is getting very good too! They each had a floor, beam, bar and vault routine. She scored between 6.2-8.5/10 on the events, her best being bars and vault. Her floor routine was good, but then she forgot the steps about 2/3 of the way into it. It was FUN to watch her and see how well she can do what she enjoys to do! She received 5 medals!! 1 was for participation. 2 bronze and 2 silver! one of the silver was for her age group, overall. Other silver was for bars. Bronze were floor and vault, I think.
At the end, they had some fun doing plank and bridge challenges for prizes. She was SOOOO close to winning the plank challenge! She looked up because she thought it was done, but there were 4 girls left so she got tagged out. It was easy a 3 min. plank!
Way to go, Kennedy! Mom and Dad are proud of you for trying your best and having fun!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mother/Father & Daughter Date night

Brian and I are trying to make a regular father/daughter and mother/daughter date night. He takes one and I take one on the same night and do whatever we want and then next time, we will switch. 

This week, I took Kennedy out!! In all honesty, Kennedy and I have not been getting along too well lately. I think we push each others buttons. A while ago I even told Brian - I don't think I like her very much! haha, maybe our personalities are too similar. And I don't feel bad about saying this, because of course I still love her, I just wasn't getting along with her, which I totally think is normal for a mom and child. I know there will be ups and downs with each of my kids. 
But, right now, I should be so thankful that our kids WANT to hang out with us!! Kennedy has been begging me to take her out!!

Anyway...her and I went to Boston Pizza. We had the most lovely time!!! I was half expecting to be bored and not know how to fill a conversation with a 7 year old. But what I discovered is I really really really like this little girl!!! She is so sweet and kind. She was so considerate of my feelings. She was willing to change her decisions on a few things if it was going to make me sad. We talked about school and her baptism coming up and a few other things. 

Then we got a carwash and ate nerds!


Brian and Lexi went to McDonalds for a happy meal and then a carwash too! Then they went home to watch a movie. They were snuggling on the couch watching a fairy show when we got home.

It made me stop and think. our kids are growing up fast. I need to pause and focus on them more.
Love you girls!

10 years since he proposed....

My instagram picture from March 18...

"Out for lunch with these dudes. 10 years ago today, Brian proposed to me! It's been a decade of adventure. I love him 10 times more than I did that day he gave me a ring."

party time

A few weekends ago, our husbands went on a Cat skiing trip. They skiied a day at revelstoke, then on Saturday they took a cat up the mountain and skiied down in the fresh powder. While they were gone, us girls decided to have a sleepover party! We all went to Jordana's for dinner, then played and partied and then "attempted" to put kids to bed. My kids finally ended up with me (their choice) and Averley had to take Grace home to sleep. Jordana and I stayed up until 3 talking -  haha just like when I was a teenager, but we figured out in the morning we are too old for that!!

The next day, we got babysitters at 1 (separately at each of our houses) and went out for a girls day. Dinner and shopping! We were home by 7 to take the sitters home and put kids to bed. 
We definitely made a husbandless weekend much more fun!! Now the guys think they should do this more often! 

Oh, and Jordana and I matched on Sunday at church.... ;)

Love these girls so much!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Disney on Ice!

On Saturday, My mom, sister and I took Ethan and my girls to Disney on Ice!! I found nearly a year ago,  that they were coming to Calgary and I bought tickets! So we have been waiting a while for this! Although- I didn't tell the girls we were going until 2 weeks before! Counting down every day from that far away would have killed me!! ;) 

We had the BEST time!!! we all LOVED it!!!! Disney is so magical. the costumes were great, the skating spectacular and the whole experience was just so fun!!! Kennedy was in AWE!!! She pretty much said "WOW" at the end of each number. The theme was princesses and heroes, so the girls dressed up in their princess costumes. They loved the whole show, but Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Mickey and Minnie were their FAV's!!! 

Friday, March 06, 2015

Our First Home.

The day FINALLY came!! Brian and I bought a house. We had it built by Normark Homes and they were the best company EVER to build with. We were so so happy with them. They built our dream home and the process was painless and even FUN! Brian and I have extremely similar taste in style. We had heard horror stories and people telling us if you can make it through building a house, your marriage will survive anything. I knew others that had gotten in fights with their spouse that lasted a few days! Well, I can honestly say that was not the case for us. We agreed on nearly everything and what we didn't, it either wasn't a big deal, or we compromised or we talked the other person into what we wanted. It went very smooth and pretty stress-free.

Now....some people are wedding people or car people or travel people. I am a house person. I have dreamt about my house since I was a little girl! I remember cutting out pictures from magazines about what my house would look like. I loved (and still like) looking at show homes. I didn't dream about my wedding, I dreamt about my house! We have no plans to move from this house. It will be where our kids grow up. This is our home. It makes me ecstatic! 

{started digging May 8, 2014, we took possession October 23, 2014}

 Front entrance - double french door goes into the office. Hall to the left takes you into the house, that very first opening on the right goes downstairs.

 Then you'll look straight to the mud room (hooray for a door in case its messy!) That pic was taken before we moved in.  Turn to the right and the hall takes you into the main part of the house. Bathroom on the left.

One of the best things about building is designing things that I want. We put in a narrow closet that is just for a shoe closet! love that. Then the mudroom takes you through the walk through pantry into the kitchen.

the end of the hall (from the entrance) takes you to this...

 The fireplace is one of my favourite things in the house. I just love the way it turned out.

And the kitchen is my absolute favourite!!  
I love my huge island.

so glad I decided to do double ovens, and above the stove, the range has a ledge that'll be perfect for decorating!

 There are cupboards on the bar side of the island for extra storage!
 And I LOVE a pullout garbage and a microwave drawer -- the microwave was Brian's thing. He wanted that so bad!

{green tape were creaks in the floor that needed to be fixed by builder}

And then you go upstairs and come to the bonus room.

**Another brilliant decision was making the laundry room upstairs. In the showhome that our house is based off of, this room was a den- like a sitting room off the bonus room. We changed it to the laundry instead of having it in the mudroom. I LOVE upstairs laundry with a passion. Its a nice big bright room too. I need to put my vinyl quote up!

Kennedy's room...she picked turquoise.

Lexi's room is yellow (of course!!) but has yet to be decorated. Brian is making her a new bed, so I don't want to decorate until thats in.

My bathroom is the other favourite part of the house. I like the big tub and having my own space to get ready away from Brian! My side has a makeup vanity.

We also decided to develop the basement about 2 months into the build. BEST decision EVER!!! It was my sister that finally convinced me. We were going to do it in a few years, then realized that didn't make any sense. Then we'd have to live in the mess and chaos, it would cost more money and we wouldn't save it by Brian doing the work anyway. So we had the builders do it and we are so happy we did!!!

Theres a spare room, bathroom, my gym, a rec room and a future
theatre room one day and a big storage room. 

And thats our house!!