Monday, April 07, 2014

date night!

On Friday, Kennedy and I had our first ever Mother/Daughter date night!! It was so fun to go out just the two of us! I never have alone time with Kennedy, and one-on-one time is good for kids. We went for dinner first. She picked a local place called Stonewood (its DELICIOUS!) but after getting there, we found out they were out of chicken fingers, which she wanted so we went to Boston Pizza. We played tic tac toe and the other games in the kids menu together while we waited for our food. Then we left and went shopping at the local hotspot-- Walmart!! yee-haw! yeah, for small towns! I told her she could pick out one toy she wanted within reason…she found a really cute butterfly jewellery box- it only took her forever to look at every single thing! She's pretty in love with it! Then we shared some ice-cream at McDonalds.

 Brian and Lexi got to hang out together at home. They had movie night with popcorn! Both girls were pretty happy!!! We sure love these little ones :)

Saturday, April 05, 2014

spot it.

A few months ago, Brian and I implemented Sunday Family Game Night at our house. We've played a LOT of Candyland!! I was telling my friend we were getting sick of it, and she suggested this game. We actually already owned it!! Someone gave it to us for Christmas, but for the life of me, I can't remember who!! If its you, tell us! I'm sorry!! I thought it was too old for our kids, so we didn't try it out. But they love it!

So the game is Spot it, every 2 cards have exactly one matched symbol and ONLY one match. You have to find the match on your card, then you get to take that one off the top of the pile if you're first. Its really fun and Kennedy is good at it! She can legitimately beat us! We only introduced it to Kennedy 2 weeks ago but we've played it everyday! She loves this game! Its such a nice change of pace to actually play a game with our kids that isn't a luck game, or too babyish. It makes Brian and I happy as they get older and we get to have more fun with them! We need to find more games that work for our family! We really like our family game nights. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


1. I am SO DONE with winter. Up until about March 30, I was like, okay…this is winter in Alberta, what are you gunna do? But now, I'm DONE. Bring on spring. I really need to get outside and see the sun!

2. Yesterday, Lexi and I went shopping in Red Deer. She is such a good little shopper. She picked out all kinds of cute things and we only bought some and she was fine with that! She even likes to give opinions on what I try on-- for example a maxi dress I tried on made me look just like Elsa. She loved it!

3. I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Its great when Brian is working late, I just snuggle in a blanket and watch Greys.

4. I'm nearly done P90X3! I am so happy I did it! Brian didn't start it with me as he planned but I did it! I can do crow now (yoga pose- all weight on your arms in crouch position). It is my proudest accomplishment for the program!

5. I was looking at videos of the summer. The girls riding their bikes, Kennedy just learning how. Jumping on the trampoline, Kennedy's awesome flips, playing frisbee with dad. Oh how i miss summer!

6. At the end of April, I'm going to Nashville with Devonee and Kaylani! I'm super excited!

That is all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Kennedy is sure growing up! I can't believe she will be 7 this summer!! SEVEN. She is loving French immersion in Gr. 1. She tried skiing this year and loved it, and they've been skating in gym class and she's getting the hang of it and liking that! She is our amazing eater. Whatever I make for supper, she happily eats it and says its the best! I love it! She will pretty much eat anything (except Zuccini!!!!) but her favs are salmon, steak, tater tot casserole, pitas and chicken with tzatziki, tacos, wraps....haha, this list goes on! She just likes food. there's very few things she won't try. 

She helps with the dishes and other chores pretty happily. I've got to work on a consistent system! She likes me to pick out her clothes so it matches but she has some fav outfits- her owl and fox shirts for sure! She's in her second year of gymnastics and can't wait to go into skating next year. She is such a sweet, kind hearted girl. She's always been more of a daddy's girl, but lately has been clingy to me. I think she starts to miss us with her long days at school. She's asking lots of questions and getting smarter about things. The last couple days she's even corrected my grammar! ah!! Her favourite things to do are color, crafts, play with her friends (barbies or outside) and be super active outside. She lives for adventures! Skiing, skating, playground, gymnastics, tobogganing, swimming- she loves it all! 
I love that she is the big sister. She's a great example to Lexi and such a great helper. She is a bit more sensitive than Lexi. She gets really hurt feelings if Lexi won't hug or kiss her or I get mad at her. 
Kennedy, you are such a lovely girl- inside and out!! You are adorable!
Love you, sweetie pie!
6.5 years old. 

Lexi Loo

Yesterday, Lexi was getting dressed and asked for her happy face panties because she wanted to be happy today.

Later that afternoon, she says to me, "I'm happy today because I wore my happy face panties!"

This is our typical Lexi. She hates her hair being done, so its always messy. It has natural curls that she hates and I LOVE. Pretty much we do her hair for church and thats it. She loves soft pants and will NOT ever wear jeans. She has to pick out her clothes but refuses to dress herself. she also won't wipe her own butt after going to the bathroom! She is so funny. She's a spunky 3 year old that knows what she wants. She loves to snuggle, her blanky, bedtime stories, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, GUM, and movies. She's currently obsessed with Frozen just like her sister and Power Rangers on netflix. She is really attached to mommy but Daddy is fine too. She plays nicely in her room on her own for a bit and Kennedy NEVER did that. She likes her ponies, stuffies and packing anything in her backpack.

I really want Lexi to stay my little baby. I keep asking her but she's not going for it. I love how little and snuggly she is and Brian loves that she likes to snuggle with him! He eats it up (especially if he gets to snuggle instead of doing dishes!) She is a happy girl. The doctors are totally happy with her health! She's doing amazing! Even though she hates the dr.'s touching or poking her, she'll do it a bit grudgingly. She can give blood like a champ!

This is her very favourite outfit- a ballerina costume. She wears it EVERY DAY for at least a bit :)
And I totally had to bribe her to get these pictures!

Love you crazy girl!
3.5 years old.

hair cut!

 The day after my birthday, I cut my hair all off! It was quite long before this. I've been wanting to cut it for nearly a year! I had an appointment in January, but I was brushing Kennedy's hair that day and I told her I was cutting mine and she cried! She begged me to keep it long! So I can you say no to that?! then a few months later I chickened out. Then I wanted long hair for summer so I could have ponytails. So, November 25, I finally bit the bullet. It was up to my chin. I liked it a lot for a couple weeks, then hated it for a week or two, loved it again, now, its March and its driving me crazy! Its an awkward length and I really miss throwing my hair up! Kennedy really wants it to be long again. She wasn't upset I cut it, but she wants it to grow quicker! I keep telling Brian, don't let me cut it for a long time!

Its funny, in this picture, I like it so much and it was so quick and easy to do! But long hair is great too! Whatever I have, I just want the other!!! oy.

Monday, March 03, 2014


A few weeks ago, I decided it would be a good time to start reading chapter books to Kennedy. She is slowly learning to read in English, but because she is in French Immersion, she isn't exposed to it often. So, I picked out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and read it to her before bed. She LOVED it! and I LOVED reading to her!! It was so nice to snuggle in her bed with her and read her a more grown up story. She had to visualize everything and understand the story on her own. It was such a nice time together. A few times Brian read to her, but it made me sad because I was missing the story! Now, we are all finished and I told her we need to watch the movie and she is SUPER excited for that! Next, I think we will read Charlotte's Web....any other good suggestions for a 6 year old?

And she is doing amazing with her French. She reads her french worksheets to me and it amazes me! So proud of my girl!

Friday, February 28, 2014

our the middle of the street

You're singing now aren't you! Our house.bah bah the middle of the street....our house.

We have been living in this current house for 18 months. We moved in July 2012. We had been renting this super tiny 4plex in Olds for a year because there was absolutely nothing else! We had such a short amount of time to move to Olds so we were limited in what we could find. After a year there, we were lucky enough to get this place! My mom suggested we put an ad on kijiji- young small family looking for house to rent with backyard. (For the 2 previous years up to this point we had NO backyard! And I was so tired of that with little kids!) Anyway, I kept telling her it was a silly idea. Landlords don't find renters like that, renters have to do the work to look for ads. No one was going to see our ad and call us. Well, after a while, I thought, what the heck do I have to lose? So I put up the ad and sure enough about 3 days later I got a call. There was a couple from Chestermere that owned a house here. They were just deciding to sell or find renters and they saw our ad! They just wanted a good family to take care of the house! Match made in heaven! So we moved in and revelled in the space! Its a 4 bedroom house with a huge backyard, a park right out the backyard (literally), big basement for storage and space for my home gym, and a garage. Lovely!

Well, it hasn't exactly been bliss. We have had LOTS of problems here! On one hand, we are so grateful for the big house and prime location to Brian's work and Kennedy's school. Its also big enough to host lots of Brian's big family! We've had a couple large parties here- Brian's surprise 29th Birthday/Congratulations for passing Licensing exam, New Years Eve Party 2012, and this past Thanksgiving. Plus, because we are the only family in the middle of Edmonton and Stirling, we get quite a bit of overnight stays (which we LOVE!). Please, keep staying with us! We like visitors. So, in those regards, we couldn't ask for a better house! I just love the space, the park, the garage, and the fireplace. We have been happy here.

So, there's also been some annoying things about this house! Its old, which means theres things to deal with with that, and other annoying things that this house is just special enough to get. It all started out with some black mold my sister in law found. That had to be gone! So my dad came down for 2 days to tear it all out. The basement had tons. All the walls, floor, insulation and anything else it was touching all came out! When my dad was doing this, he found water under the floor or the basement. So, this house is like a 4 storey split. So we have our most bottom layer that has a concrete floor that they built a wooden floor on top. Under the wood floor was water that we really had NO idea how long it was there. The previous renters could have had it for years without knowing! So, that all had to come out! My dad was awesome and did all that too! We dried it out, and thought we were good.

Next, the basement flooded. We think it had actually been happening every year but due to the wood floor, the landlord didn't know. So, all our stuff came out from the basement (not quite ALL our storage) and we had lots of people come look at it for solutions. In the end, landlord decides to water proof the basement. So, they come and do that. 2 or 3 weeks later after we'd put most of our stuff away, the basement floods AGAIN. So, now they need to waterproof the WHOLE basement, not just the part where they thought the water was coming in. So ALL of our stuff comes out! Into our living room in the next basement. There was some fighting going on (landlord and basement company) as to who's fault this really was and the company didn't want to have to pay for it....lots of time goes by. About this time, is the great flood in Southern Alberta/Calgary (June 2013). The water proofing basement company is now bombarded with work and we are not a priority. We wait a couple months for them to come here. Meanwhile, all our stuff is in the living room driving me CRAZY! Eventually, I got Jessica to help me move it all to the garage so I could feel normal again! So, its August when they come to fix this which has been in all total 6 months without our basement! It all gets finished, September 1st we get the go ahead to move our stuff downstairs! Hallelujah!

Somewhere in that, our hot water tank goes, and we have no hot water for a week. ANNOYING!

3 weeks ago, we were watching a movie and Brian smelt something burning. It turned out to be the electrical outlet smoking!! Black smoke coming right out of the socket. After an electrician came out the next day, he said we were lucky we were home as it was totally burnt and our house could've caught on fire!

This week, our water lines froze and we had NO WATER! Just our house, not the whole street too. Lucky us. After dealing with the town and plumbers all day, I realize it could be at least a week with no water. They have to dig and find where its frozen and blah blah blah. My kind friend lets me come over to shower (day 2) and Brian went to the pool to shower on day 1. The dishes were just piling up!!!! It was driving me insane to not be able to clean my house! Then, on day 2, around 1 pm, the water turns itself on!!!!! It must have warmed up just enough to freeze whatever was there?! Crazy. But we were sure happy!

I can't WAIT for the day we get to buy our own house! We are actually starting to think of building instead so we can get exactly what we want even though the thought of building terrifies me!

Even with all the stress and things we've dealt with in this house, we are so grateful to have found it. We love it here and feel so lucky to be here. Our landlords have been AMAZING through everything and treat us so well! They sent us a Christmas present even and the wife made us cookies. They are very kind to us. So all in all.....its been a GREAT place to live!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentines Day | Weekend | Birthday party

Holidays are just so much more fun with kids! We had fun doing a couple crafts and making heart and pink food together. We started it off the night before with heart shaped pizza because we were heading to Edmonton on actual Valentines for Cohen's 1st Birthday party.
Brian and I made the table all pretty with wine glasses, shirley temples, heart shaped licorice, and I bought the girls balloons to tie to their chairs. After dinner, Brian had to go back to work and Kennedy and I finished up her valentines for her class. I found a word search on pinterest that I punched holes in and she weaved in a pencil. Cute, simple and sugarless!

Then in the morning we had pink milk and heart shaped toast.

For Dinner at my parents, we had a special family dinner. My parents made roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, turnip and yorkshire puddings. I brought cupcakes for dessert and my mom made a banana cake. They bought all the kids some little trinkets- a notebook, pencil and heart candies.

After we put the kids to bed at my parents house, Brian and I snuck out for some time away. We ended up getting wings even though we were both still full but we couldn't pass up a free babysitter!

On Saturday, Brian and I did sealings at the temple and met Becky and Ernesto for lunch. All of us (minus Kris/Andrew) went to one of my dad's fav restaurants for supper- Lee's, to get chinese food. Brian, Ernesto and my dad went to a late show and I went to beckys to watch a chick flick.

Sunday was my little nephew's 1st Birthday! This little guy is SUPER adorable and incredibly happy! He smiles all the time and crawls (and walks now!) all over just playing. Becky did the cutest monster party for him. And he gobbled up his cupcake that I had decorated. I also made monster sugar cookies.

We headed back after the party wrapped up. Brian had Monday off for Family day, but he was SO kind to offer for me to go skiing with Devonee while he watched all 6 kids! What a great hubby! and Devonee and I had a blast skiing in Banff!