Monday, November 02, 2015


Carving Pumpkins!

 Brian did the creepy one, then helped Kennedy with her Mickey all the while I did Olaf for Lexi and I still wasn't done! It took me forever!!

 Cowgirl and a ladybug!

 I dressed up like a ladybug with Lexi this year and she was SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

at the school parade...

 Brian surprised the girls and dressed up this year! they were happy, and Lexi was a bit scared too ;)
He made his teeth at work, made his staph by spray painting wood and velcro-ing on the skull. He did his own makeup and came out and shocked us all!

 We went trick or treating with our friends, the Fitzners and met up with Averley and Grace too.

office makeover

The office has needed some TLC since the day we moved in, but it just wasn't a priority for a while. It is the first thing you see when you come in the front door, so it needed to be pretty, but it just was only functional. Just shy of a year of being in our house, I finally finished the office! I did it ALL by myself and I am quite proud of it! Put all the desks and drawers and bookshelf together by myself. Another reason it needed done, is Kennedy is now in piano lessons, so we needed to get the piano in here. 



So, its not 100% done. I need pictures in my frames, to put things in the bookshelf and put up the height board. But I can't even explain how happy this room makes me!! I love it.

Thanksgiving & Lexi's Birthday

Lexi's actual birthday fell on Thanksgiving Sunday this year. So I hosted dinner, and my family came to celebrate her and Thanksgiving! We sure are thankful for Lexi!! 

 new jammies that Nana made!

 this kid! Always looks like a ragamuffin. Her hair was done for church, but she took it out as soon as we got home.

Dinner was delicious!!! Brian made his best turkey ever!! it was soooo good!!! and we had stuffing, mashed pototoes, buns, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce and no carrots! I forgot to make the carrots :( And pumpkin pie and a pumpkin shiffon cake for dessert!
It was great to be together, and we missed Andrew and Kris.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


She finished her first chapter book!! Read all by herself! Took about 2-3 weeks. Way to go, Kennedy!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A few pictures from last week...

Lexi and mama going for a fall walk while Kennedy is at piano lessons. 

Dad and Kennedy created "batman and batgirl Cafe" and made me, the customer, lunch!! It sure was delicious! They've got some culinary skills and great uniforms! I'll be returning to their restaurant! I got soup and a sandwich for 40 cents(fake)!  #whodoesthedishes ?

FHE time. Treats and hot tub!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

this girl is 5!

getting ready for her FIRST friends party!

penguin stuffy and a kinder surprise were the party favours....

We colored on cookies with edible markers!

they played house downstairs when they first arrived.

I asked Brian SUUUUUPPPPER nicely to make balloon animals for them....and to dress up like a clown while he did it. Sadly, he would not dress up! what a bum. But he did make one ballon flower that was pretty good. I did a few others after he gave up and they used them as swords and attacked me!!