Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Spring part 2/beginning of summer

A Saturday at the zoo...always a good time! We spent the day at the Calgary zoo, then went to Olive Garden for dinner. a lovely and tiring day!

 baby gorilla!

Kennedy has been growing faster than a weed so we stopped at Cross Iron on our way to buy her a few things. She owns one dress that is to her knees and one pair of pajamas so that's what we were looking for. we bought her this super cute dress that I wish came in my size. 

 more progress on the putting green....brian put in a rock bed and lots of plants

after school bowling with the girls!

I have been asking brian for MONTHS to clean the garage with me but he's too dang busy (translation: he doesn't care about cleanign the garage!) so i did it myself!
I didn't do a before, it was disgusting!

the day after school is out, where are we? the lake, of course!

We went to Edmonton for Canada Day... parade and BBQ in Fort Sask, then over to Jackie Parker park with my family. It started to drizzle on us at the fireworks, but luckily not enough to cancel the fireworks!

there's now food trucks at the fireworks spot and everyone knows Brian can NOT resist poutine, even if he's full, so here's my Cute Canadian with his favourite Canadian food!
  snuggles for fireworks!

 The next day was our anniversary. We took the girls to Launch Pad -a trampoline place, then to Finding Dory. Then my mom babysat the girls and Jaden (the big boys had gone camping with Gary and Vedilia) while we went on a double date!

8 years for Becky and Ernesto, and 11 years for us!

Spring 2016

how have 2 months gone by since I posted about Disneyland?! Lots to catch up on....
I'll let the pictures do most of the talking....

 Spring walk in the rain. Happy and Bright little cutie!!

Getting tired of making lunches but boy does this one look good! Arugula and steak wrap, veggies and dip, strawberries and homemade lemon poppyseed muffins (the best!)

Jumping before bed!

The most delicious meal I've ever BBQ'd. (Not to be confused by the most delicious meal EVER bbq'd here, but the best I've done. I can't compete with Brian's ribs and wings, but these were a VERY close second! I love them so much. Greek chicken kabobs found on Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I never knew I loved zucchini on the bbq so much! The whole family loved this (the girls only eat the chicken....kids.)

Est Fest 2016- Lethbridge/Stirling for Time Out for Women. We had fun together and got uplifted as well from the conference. Kaylani is there but hard to see!

Mother's Day!! Oh how I love to be reminded what it means to be a mother, to be inspired by mom's I love and admire, tell my own mom and mother in law how much I appreciate them and to love my girls a little more! They treated me so well, and Brian spoiled me for the day! Lunch, nap, a FABULOUS dinner and dessert made by Brian and presents! a great day!

Kennedy's gift to me-- a necklace for her, Lexi and me!! so adorable and sweet.

 LOVE these girls something fierce!

 We went golfing as a family which was actually SO FUN! Lexi loves to just ride in the cart and get out once in a while to look around or dance. she has fun driving the cart. Kennedy is getting pretty good at golfing and is loving it. It was a gorgeous day. I walked the course because there was no room! haha!

a new to us gadget! So excited to get this from our friend Averley! Lexi and I LOVE it! hooray for bike rides where we don't have to stop every 3.5 minutes and can keep a decent pace!!

First tooth gone!! It was super loose, and then she ran into the couch at Auntie Becky's house during Jaden's birthday party! good thing it didn't hurt!

Jeff and Amy came to visit...obviously the kids are stoked.

Uno with my little bug! How can she be in school every day soon?!?! SNIFF SNIFF!! going to miss my little buddy.

lets not forget this guy. Love him to pieces!!

I had to snap a pic to send to my Sister in law, Devonee. I ran out the door so fast and didn't realize until I got there that I had so many colours on!! I was laughing so hard. Pink shirt, orange shorts, purple socks and turquoise shoes! I guess I was tired when I got dressed!

New YELLOW shoes for Lexi. Because I couldn't help myself when I saw them!

Here comes gardening time!!! Flowers for the office...fruit (and a few flowers) for home! this was 2 different trips on the same day.

We did a golf tournament with Warren and Averley. It was SUPER fun! It was the BEST weather. Not too hot, not cold, no bugs, just lovely! then the golf course provided dinner after.
 A great date night!

Reading the book of mormon before bed.

This guy is a non-stop worker!!! Trying so hard to finish his putting green.

but at least we got the garden finished!!! hooray for that! it looks so much better. And so sad our fence had to come down! Apparently you can't block the chainlink against the path! grrrrrr.

We have a whole box for strawberries, raspberries and pumpkins. then we have radishes, lettuce, green onions, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. 

There was a daddy daughter dance in town and Brian took the girls. They LOVED it! The girls felt like they were going to the ball!

Brian and I had a fancy date too- the temple and then a fancy steak house - Vintage, that we love!