Wednesday, July 22, 2015

San Francisco!!!!!

Whoa, San Fran is so fun!! Brian and I went on a quick trip to celebrate our 10th wedding Anniversary!! We loved it there! Brian booked the trip as a surprise for me! He told me a couple days after he booked it. 

So Thursday afternoon/evening: Got to San Fran around 2ish, got to our hotel and ready to see the city! We walked to Union Square - basically their downtown. it has EVERYTHING, especially fancy stuff - Tiffanys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Vera Wang, every kind of suit store, and so much more! I tried on some Christian Louboutin heels that were $1800. We walked through China Town, went to Little Italy and did a bit of shopping at Under Armour. We ate at a yummy pizza place when we first arrived, then shared another meal at an authentic Little Italy restaurant. Lots of walking, so fun to see stuff!!

Friday: out of the hotel by 8:30am, and ready to see the cool city! Took the Cablecar to Lombard street (Crooked Street).  Thats it behind me. Its literally diagonal for cars to come down on the one-way street.  The street is cars only, pedestrians have stairs on the side and it is no joke climbing back up! Brian and I were like "do we ever work out?" as we huffed and puffed. HAHA!!
Then we walked down to Ghiradelli Square- home of the Chocolate Factory! We had breakfast at a cool diner there and walked around the square. The nice thing was that at this point it was only 10 in the morning and we had already seen so much but there wasn't a lot of crowds yet. 

We did walk back a bit later to have a freaking delicious icecream sundae with their fresh Ghiradelli chocolate sauce and learnt about the chocolate factory all the way from beans to chocolate bars!

Then walked on to Fisherman's Wharf! SO SO SO many restaurants! Fresh crab and shrimp everywhere! We ate some clam chowder- its famous there!

We did lots of walking around Fisherman's Wharf and even toured a Navy ship from WWll!! It was one of 2 that made it back from Normandy out of 2700! In one year alone, more than 400 ships sank between America and France! CRAZY!! 

 cool fact - The movie Titanic filmed its engine shots in this Ship! It was the closest replica to the Titanics engine, just bigger than this one.

Then we rented bikes and rode to the Golden Gate Bridge!! It was 8 miles from where we rented to where you take a ferry back. So COOL!!!! This has been on my bucket list for years, I was SO happy Brian did it with me! We had a blast! On the bridge, it was extremely windy! We stopped a lot for pictures and just to look out together at the view. We reminisced over 10 years of marriage (romantic and sappy ;) ) and we saw a whale!!!!

Brian took that behind me, and got a cool video too. I was in awe of actually being here!

on the other side - Sausalito 

Once we finally made it back on the ferry (there were lines estimated at 5 hours!!!) it took us 2-3 hours to get on the ferry. You take your bike with you on the ferry and we biked around Fisherman's Wharf and locked them up to tour Pier 39 for a while. It was freezing and we needed to buy sweaters! Who knew California in July would be chilly!?? Thats the San Francisco bay area for ya.
We returned the bikes, got some delicious late night dinner from a seafood and steak house at Ghiradelli Square (So freaking good!!!!- Brian got Clam Linguini and I had my first taste of clams right out of the shell!)

Saturday we started of by walking down past Union Square to the less fancy shopping - Ross is more our style than $200 shirts at Barneys. ;)
Shopped for a bit, then took the BART (their Subway) to Oakland to see a Baseball game!! We loved it! I could totally see myself becoming a baseball fan if I lived somewhere to go to live games! It was a slow game (2-0) but still so fun. We had the traditional hot dog at the ball game too. 

After the game, we came back to SF for our ferry ride for the Fourth of July!! Dinner on the boat, and fireworks under the golden gate bridge! It was super fun, but honestly would've been so much better if we'd known how cold it would be! With the wind anyway, and from going fast on the ferry, it was freezing. They stop the boat for the fireworks, but it was still pretty chilly! 

After the ferry, we walked back to our hotel and crashed!! The crowds were unbelievable! I thought crowds after Canada Day fireworks were busy! yikes...

Sunday morning: our last day. We got up early, took a taxi to something I was very excited to do, and Brian tagged along like the good sport he is! The Full House street!!!! Its actually called postcard row - its one of the most photographed streets in the USA! It was super neat. I grew up loving Full House and now Kennedy is obsessed with it, so it was fun to see. the grass needs some tlc....

Then taxi back to Ghiradelli Square to the same diner to grab some breakfast. Walked up to Fisherman's Wharf again for Brian to stuff himself one last time with Clam Chowder in a famous sourdough bread bowl and some shrimp. Its a dang good thing we shared every single meal, because pretty much the whole trip was eating!! Even breakfasts, with their portions being huge, we shared the meals so we could eat more often to try new things. That was way better.

Then picked up at our hotel at 11:30 to go back to the airport :(
We'll be back, San Francisco!!

What a way to celebrate 10 years together!! We had such an amazing time! I love this guy so much, loved spending the last 10 years next to him and the weekend exploring with him. 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

foam fest

Well, we did a foam run together and it was such a blast! It was 5km run with slip n'slides, mud pits, climbing structures, giant inflatable slides and foam machines! Definitely a fun, messy time!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Kennedy's Birthday party

We did Kennedy's party early because summer birthdays are tricky. People are always away, so we did it the last day of school. Kennedy wanted a pool party, so she got to invite 4 friends to keep the ratio right for Brian and I to take 6 kids swimming. We swam for an hour and a half, then went into the party room which was So cheap to rent!!! awesome!! had hotdogs, fruit and chips and cake and opened presents and then we were done! so simple and GREAT! the kids had a great time! I loved that it was pretty stress free and no mess in my house! And Kennedy was super happy which means it was a SUCCESS! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

my trip to Philadelphia!

My friend Amy Martin (Wilde) lives in Philadelphia and I told Brian I wanted to go visit her. He said, ok, go! So I used my miles and booked a trip! We had an absolute blast, and I loved seeing Philly! 

she took me to breakfast at the Green Eggs Cafe and we had Crem Brulee French Toast! It was AMAZING. like seriously, to die for! We went back another day so I could have it again!!!

We went to LOVE park...

 walked around downtown, where they have art and sculptures everywhere! This is a globe and it has "story" in red. I'm pointing to Phily.

Reading Terminal Market -  a massive food market that used to sit above the old train terminal. So much food!

And we did the history stuff - the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall

We did a tour of Independence Hall, and I learnt all the history from this building, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The American Revolution was interesting!
The above picture is the court room, the bottom is the Assembly Room where the Declaration was signed! The Liberty bell was then rung July 4, 1776.

I also went to the famous museum where the "Rocky" steps are, and they have a statue.

Amy and I walked across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. We walked all the way to New Jersey!! It was a gorgeous night with perfect lighting and the scenery was pretty!!


New Jersey...

 And we went to Penn's Landing

and walked down such old streets!! Philadelphia is so OLD!!!! It was neat to pass houses that were built in the 1600's!!!! Lots of these houses were built around 1840...and I just loved this cute street.

And little Adelaide was a champ! She was such a trooper! Her and Sonny came with us everywhere and we had such a fun time together!!! Thanks so much for having me, Amy & Sonny!! I was sad to leave!