Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Edmonton Christmas

It felt like two Christmases this year! We went to Edmonton on Boxing day and had a really good time with my family!! The kids were all spoiled, as were Brian and I. I love going home and getting totally spoiled by my parents! Its so fun to be the kid at home visiting. My mom makes us food, and baking and loves to watch our kids! Its so nice! 

All the grandkids got matching jammies - Tyson is at his grandmas totally sick :( 

Sadly, I have VERY few pictures of this. My phone died and I left my nice camera at home. 
*Must get some from Mom and Becky!*

We had fun opening presents, eating dinner, relaxing and chatting.

The next few days were spent doing family things with the big Hodder family. Rodger and Natasha were in town from Utah, so we had lots of crazy shenanigans planned. It was fun to see everyone. 

New years was LOTS of fun....
Brian and I went to West Edmonton Mall while Nana and Papa took the girls and Ethan to a movie. Then we met up with them to go skating on the new outdoor rink by my parents house. Brian and I then went for dinner with our friends, Robyn and Logan.  Becky and Ernesto went for dinner too, while Nana and Papa babysat and then we all met up. We all were at the house to have New years with the kids. We had a pretty wicked dance party, and a countdown then of course - toasts and sparkling apple juice! It was seriously SO fun to have new years with the kids. I was really glad we decided to come home and be with my parents for it too. After their New years, the kids and Papa went to bed while the rest of us played a few games! Actually, Ernesto slept on the couch and Becky watched Dick Clark's rockin eve, while mom, Brian and I played a game. THEN we finally convinced Becky to join us for taboo! As soon as midnight came we did the new years countdown and kisses and Becky and Ernesto were gone by 12:05 and the rest of us went to bed to fight off our yucky colds!!

 My parents were awesome hosts and we loved hanging out with my family. We didn't get to see Andrew and Kris nearly enough as they were sick. Becky and Ernesto were busy with Rodger and Natasha staying at their house too. But I got to hang out with my mom which was really great! We even had a girls evening doing some shopping for home stuff! We were there nearly a week and it just flew by. I also got to see some old friends - Amy who was visiting from Philly and her new baby!! and Shannon, Julie and LaNae! love old friends!

The 2 weeks of Christmas holidays were AMAZING!! I loved having Brian around so much. The girls are at such a good age to really enjoy the season and have fun with. 

What an amazing Christmas we had.

2014 was a great year for us. 


We had Christmas at home this year - for the first time ever! Mark, Devonee, Jeff & Amy joined us, which was Awesome!! I felt like we had the both of best worlds - I got to stay home which is what I wanted for YEARS and Brian still got family around to play games with! We had SO much fun!! I really enjoyed hosting and sleeping in my own bed! Mark and Devonee came early (the 22nd) and Jeff and Amy came with Hannah, Jaden and Emma on Christmas Eve.

We decorated cookies with edible markers- Devonee's GENIUS idea.

Mrs. Clause came to visit!!!! I helped get her all ready to see the kids and boy did they LOVE her! I had no idea Mrs. Clause was so peppy, happy, energetic and NICE! She brought all the kids a present and made sure to tell Santa how well behaved these kids were!

All the kids loved their gift from Mrs. Claus. Kennedy got Jenga and enjoyed playing it with dad!

Christmas jammies!!

Christmas morning!!
We all opened presents on different floors. That was my thing. I wanted to open presents with just my little family so I could really focus on my kids and not have mayhem! I told everyone beforehand, that this was happening and turns out, they loved it too!! It was so nice to have 20-30 mins alone on Christmas with your little family then to get back together! We all had a little tree to use too! Devonee's family was in the fireplace room, Jeff was in the basement and we were in the bonus room with the little tree we got the first year we were married!! So fun to do it this way! loved the calmness of being just us!

the girls each asked for a cuddly blanket and slippers - they are definitely my children!!

Dancing with daddy!

Christmas Day was relaxing and lovely. Brian and I made a huge roast and Kaylani and Perry and the boys came down to join us. They stayed for dinner and an epic games night/treats and spent the night.
The next day everyone headed home and we went to Edmonton! It was a FANTASTIC holiday. I LOVED LOVED LOVED our first Christmas at home and with our family here to join us. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

christmas card 2014

Kennedy - age 7
Lexi - age 4

Christmas Dress Pictures!

Of course, I have to do yearly Christmas Tree pictures in pretty dresses! 
What beautiful girls I have!! xoxo

It kinda drives me crazy when Brian takes the photos!!! Theres always a finger in front of the flash, or its unfocused or he has more of the wall than us! Drives. me. nuts.
these were the only good 2! jeesh.

Rock Climbing!

A few weeks ago, a bunch of us friends from Olds all took our kids to Calgary to go rock climbing! It was SOOOO fun!! the kids loved it! Kennedy is a MONKEY!! she climbed to the top of several levels. Lexi got to about double or triple her height and then yelled she needed down! haha! 
But they had a great time. I took a few turns was a bit impressed with where I got on some hard levels!  It was fun and challenging! What a workout! All the dads had a great time belaying us now that they are certified and then took a few turns climbing too. 

After a few hours, then some dinner, we all went to the Airdrie Festival of Lights to see Christmas lights and skate on the outdoor pond. That was fun, but the kids were exhausted! They slept well that night!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Family Pictures September 2014

Taken by Ivyelle Photography in Edmonton.
SOOOO in love with these photos!!